Atomic Beam Headlamp

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Atomic Beam Headlamp

Postby Feggy7 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:37 am

Okay bought one. Here's my review of the atomic beam headlamp.

When using triple aaa batteries you only get about an hour at most of bright light before it goes to faded light.
When using 18650 the Atomic beam headlamps gets hot to the touch. Another problem is
the white ceramic round thing, inside the lens that covers up the circuit cree lightbulb can pop out of place.
I've notice after 5 days of using of the Atomic beam headlamp the Cree bulb is starting to burn out.
The cree light bulb was turning gray and isn't clear anymore.
It's not as bright as the atomic beam flashlight. The location of where the 18650 battery in back of the head in a the cheap plastic housing doesn't leave one feeling safe. It's water resistant but not water proof. You can use it in the rain, but
not go scuba diving with it. I find it annoying that you have to use the button 3 times to turn it off.

While it still does give more light then a 2d cell flashlight. the horrible design of using wires,
and cheap switches leaves lot to be desired. I'm guessing this would work at most 3 years before
breaking from wear and tear from it's bad design. It would have been better to
have the headlamp and batteries all in one location with the switch on the front with
another switch for the modes. Instead of right now it's spit with the batteries
in back and the lamp in front with the switch on the side.

I'm finding other designs that use two 18650 batteries instead of just one
with much better quality cree bulbs.

For $20 for casual use it's fine. For more use such as walking through a forest at night,
or for going through caves the short battery life leaves one wanting better quality. I would not
use this for camping or anything that needs alot of time and bright lights to work with.
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Re: Atomic Beam Headlamp

Postby Feggy7 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:03 am

I'm finding the Atomic Beam's headlamp cree light bulb burning out, and giving off less light.
It's way less bright then before. After one month of using this headlamp. I'm concluding
that the cree light bulb was an inferior quality to the one used in their flashlights.
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Re: Atomic Beam Headlamp

Postby Feggy7 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:03 pm

The atomic beam headlamp uses an HX version of the lightbulb. I'm finding that the design
of constantly removing the 18650 contributes to the scratching of the bottom of the 18650 battery.
I'm still experimenting, my observation so far.

The headlamp is difficult to take apart in the front, need to use tools to take the lens off. I had
to use a metal tool to remove the lens off the front of my headlamp.

After an hour of use the headlamp gets lens very hot to the touch. There is a distinctive risk of burning paper
with the headlamp after extensive use as the bulb gets hot. One has to watch where they put their atomic
beam headlamp or it may catch something on fire when using 18650 batteries. So as a fire hazard
the atomic beam definitely might cause problems.

My hypothesis is that over time using 18650 batteries in the atomic beam would cause
the 18650 batteries to explode from having the bottom wrapper constantly scratched up
from the spring and difficult to remove battery design.

There is a decrease over time of light quality it's not as bright as it used to be. Estimate
that there is a thousand plus candlepower loss from when it was out of the box after two weeks
of constant use. The atomic beam is putting out the light about a nightlight at this point.
Plus it still draws heavily off the 18650 battery.
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Re: Atomic Beam Headlamp

Postby Feggy7 » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:57 am

Okay after a month of constant use, the headlamp burned out and stopped working.
The Atomic beam was using 18650 battery for about an average of 30 minutes
per day.

I figure I got a total of 120 hours worth of use out of the headlamp before it failed.

Get the sense the device was purposely built to last only 30 days and break with in 90 days.
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