My interest in the Aryans and Nazis

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Re: My interest in the Aryans and Nazis

Postby Chronamut » Tue Jun 02, 2015 6:56 pm

thery were supposed to have a secret base at antarctica too.. with a golden swastica...

I hear a lot of rumours that aryans are pleiadians.. but who knows!
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Re: My interest in the Aryans and Nazis

Postby Child of the Light » Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:35 pm

roseputter wrote:From what I know about the mysteries of Hitler's great horror of the Nazi movement, I've heard a few interesting rumors about him... for example that he had a time machine, or that he lived up to 70 years... One interesting one (that isn't just a theory, but proven without much attention paid into it) that fascinated me was his obession with archaeology. Apparently, he went out and discovered archeological evidence to take over some countries... for instance proof found in the ground that the German Aryan race were the original leaders of whatever country they were digging in. These Aryan blond hair-blue eyes type people were known throughout history for being ruthlessly left-brained and and taking over other places, and those archeological findings proved that it was always generally the same with them, even millenniums ago. I don't mean to get a big Illuminati discussion going, but it could be interesting to discuss where this race came from when it come to the perspective of earth's history including in the higher dimensions and the dramas that occurred after the golden age of earth... Any ideas?

To build on what Chronamaut said, there are a lot of rumors and stories going around on the internet nowadays about what the Nazis really did. From what I have read on the internet (so therefore, bear with me this is not a creditable source, rather it is speculation) They had deployed submarines to transport goods out of Germany to Antarctica during the war to start a military/scientific research area there. If you dive underneath Antarctica you'd find there are a lot of natural "caves" (for lack of a better word) you may resurface to where the water was much warmer and there was breathable air for them, and claim that's where they started operations. Another story claims they found an entrance to Agartha, and met UFOs from inner earth, (maybe Pleiadians?) and stayed in Antarctica for further research into their technologies with alien civilizations. This Agartha story is just one side to the coin however, because other stories claim the Nazis allied with the grays, and other aliens, so who knows what they REALLY did. Another story claims they made a Moonbase, but who knows what happened to the Moonbase or if there really was one. Any who, enough fictional tales to stimulate the brain :hypno: , Here is a cool link I dug up about the Nazis Archaeologic trip to Tibet and some basic information about occultism within the Nazis, it is a somewhat long, but a stimulating source nonetheless. Remember to take everything your read online with a grain of salt, who knows what people type of information people adjust to their articles. I think the main goal with doing pseudo-research like this is to stimulate the mind about how much is possible and the hidden possibilities the higher powers have kept from us from too long, not to get caught up into it :heart-u: Namaste.
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Re: My interest in the Aryans and Nazis

Postby Zante » Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:08 pm


I recall hearing that this race came from Asia then slowly migrated to and around Scandinavia, where natural selection took place which created 3 different groups of sub races aryan being the most famous one for strong superior genetics, to survive a rough climate. But it could stretch further back then, seeing how humans were brought to near extinction during the time of a ice age I think, and those genetics would play a large role in human survival. Also a lot of human decendents if not all come from the largest continent in the world. Africa, which has a pretty interesting features, ruins scattered pretty much everywhere on this continent, and I recall hearing of these obolisks that texts speak of thousend year old kings that ruled for quite some time, in Africa. There is a island also of blonde haired people who live outside of europe in Melanesia, who are dark skinned if that poses any revalence.
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Re: My interest in the Aryans and Nazis

Postby Phenehan » Fri Aug 21, 2015 3:31 pm

Interesting post, the Aryans do sound a lot like pleiadians
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