Looking to talk/learn about the emerald tablets of Thoth

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Re: Looking to talk/learn about the emerald tablets of Thoth

Postby MustaBeenLookinferAnswers » Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:20 am

Cool thanks for the leads. It's interesting that you mentioned an ancient library, its something that is covered in the tablets I believe. If you want to hear a reading of the tablet translations here's a link to the best narrated one in my opinion. Listening to it even as fiction is pretty mesmerizing.


Also, do you listen to a lot of channelers? I ask since you mentioned bashaar. It can seem crazy but then sometimes there is so much truth in the words. Wondering what your thoughts are on treb and aridif channeled by rob?

Plus are you in to meditation and the science behind chakras and such? I am having a very difficult time with even learning lucid dreaming. When I go to sleep everything goes dark, I never remember anything in the morning. And trying to still my mind is like trying to calm down an angry swarm of bees by jingling a set of keys. So I am basically hitting up every person I meet on this site for advice on meditation techniques and tips. Like what are your personal methods? Or what are your experiences if any?

Regardless thank you for your reply. I am going try and contact said individual, soon as I figure out how.
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Re: Looking to talk/learn about the emerald tablets of Thoth

Postby OdinRein » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:57 pm

When I talked to Thoth before Atlantis came back he mentioned that He made the emerald tablets just to entertain Alister's weird little mind.
Apparently they aren't anymore special than any other record.
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