My dream was yet so real - Nina's dream journal

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Re: My dream was yet so real - Nina's dream journal

Postby Nina Laiberg » Sat Apr 11, 2015 9:31 am

My dream was yet so real - The boy who knew too much 150411

A blond boy who was very smart and good with computers/technology; I will refer to him as he, in spite of the fact that it felt as if it was I.

A normal day, yet suddenly giant "mechanic" beings wearing black and bordeaux suits started to shoot at the buildings and take some people with them. The boy managed to escape together with his two assistants, a man and a woman who were scientists/researchers, hiding in an underground city, because they realized those beings were actually looking for him. It didn't take long, though, until the ones that they called "aliens" found their hiding place and started shooting at the ground, so they had to get outside again.

While running, he understood that those giant beings were only taking a few people who were using electric and electronic devices, so he told everyone to go hide in a place away from any kind of electric power. He then decided to surrender to those beings. The people were saddened to hear that he would sacrifice for them, but at the same time they were relieved and kneeling to him, they called him saviour.


He was standing in the middle of the city, waiting to be taken away when another kind of beings, this time bright red and black suited ones, came out of the ground, their faces glowing in the dark a frightening red figure, trying to kill him, but he gets saved by the first alien kind, who was actually not there to harm him, but to take him to their planet where he would be able to learn many things and secrets. He stays on their planet for 128 years and learns many things that humans did not know, but when he goes back to Earth, he realizes only a day passed.

When he wants to make everything public, though, the government takes all of his things, except for his computer that was still underground with his two friends, and forces him to run away from their country and avoid any kind of contact with people who knew him. But after a year, in 2015, the computer he programmed runs a program that broadcasts all around the world a video with all the data that he wanted humans to know, and the fact that the government is still trying to hide the fact that there are different races of aliens who live among us.

Suddenly rolling credits appear in front of me and I just then realize I was watching a movie on a big cinema screen. I also realize that I'm about to wake up and I still haven't seen the end of the movie, which was the part where he was supposed to reveal the truth to everyone.
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Re: My dream was yet so real - Nina's dream journal

Postby Nina Laiberg » Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:59 pm

roseputter wrote:The stuff I'm reading here really makes me pick up a few good memories from my higher self.

Awww, that's great to hear! ^^ Wish I could write more, but I haven't had any "exciting" dreams lately. :P
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My dream was yet so real Ninas dream journal

Postby Waltercer » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:35 am

Welcome to my Dream Journal

Dreams where I become lucid will be in Emboldened Blue.

Send me a PM if you like or post a reply in my Journal

Best Dream Recall Experience:

Blowing Up an Entire City - Buildings were detonating & vapourising So Vivid - Gr8 Audio

Top LD Dream References:

a DILD Cakes
B The Oneironaut written by Michaela Laberge
c The Lullaby Bus Company
d Dreaming I was having a Lucid Dream Sims gone wrong
e Showing my wife my dream journal and dicussing it with her and not realising I was dreaming
f A safe made by the maker Namaste

LD Highlights:

Flying if some what out of control

Doing a RC in a Lucid - missing one finger - the finger gradually appeared and became more solid to view the less lucid I became as the Lucid progressed.

Touching the bark of a tree in a forest and having it all appear as real as in real life

Walking through a wall into a sea of particles and creating my own scene to enter

Making and throwing FireBalls

Next Lucid Goal:
To Create A Baby Dragon
To Find and Talk to my Dream Guide
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Re: My dream was yet so real - Nina's dream journal

Postby BRADEN » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:35 pm

Cool dreams... I think that sometimes we enter into another version of ourselves in a parallel universe or something like that...

I had a dream that I was on a different humanoid planet and watching a couple driving a nice red car. In the back seat was a dog like animal with huge flappy ears. They were driving to the beach and the dog might have even flown\glided down to the sand... While thet were all on the beach having fun a very large shadow started to block out the sun. When I looked up a long giant spaceship was flying in and over. It was so large that I couldn't even see an end to it... It also had the words "Rogens Rocket" on the side in big letters too. When I looked to see where it was going a very bright green light blinded everything starting from the front of the rocket...

After that it cut to a darkened planet and I was running from zombie type people who were infected by these small white patches and I was running from both... I think the dream ended when some of the white patches came very close to me...?
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