Life and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East

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Life and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East

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Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
By Baird T. Spalding
Volume I
wish to state that I was one of a research party of eleven persons that visited the Far East
in 1894.

During our stay—three and a half years—we contacted the Great Masters of the
Himalayas, who aided us in the translation of the records, which was of great assistance
in our research work. They permitted us to enter into their lives intimately and we were
thus able to see the actual working of the great Law as demonstrated by them. We call
them Masters, which is merely our name for them. One living the life described herein is
entitled to reverence and consideration as a Master.

Records and manuscripts—our actual experience with the Masters—were preserved.
Personally, at that time, I thought the world was not ready for this message. I was an
independent member of the research party and I am now publishing my notes under the
that the reader may accept or reject, as he wishes.

This book, which will be followed by others of the Sun series, gives the first year's
experience of the expedition in relation to the Masters. It includes their teaching, which
was taken by us stenographically at the time, with their permission and approved by

The Masters accept that Buddha represents the Way to Enlightenment, but they clearly
set forth that Christ IS Enlightenment, or a state of consciousness for which we are all
seeking—the Christ light of every individual; therefore, the light of every child that is
born into the world.

(Signed) Baird T. Spalding

Chapter IV

We entered the little village of about two hundred inhabitants one-half hour before sunset
and, when it was known that Jast was with us, I believe every villager, old and young,
and every pet and domestic animal came to greet us. While we were the object of more or
less curiosity, it was immediately noted that Jast was the center of interest, greeted by all
with the utmost reverence. After a few moments he said a word to the villagers and all
but a few returned to their usual duties. Jast turned to us and asked if we wished to go
with him while the camp was being prepared for the night. Five of our party said they
were tired after the day's journey and wished to rest. The remainder of us followed Jast
and the handful of villagers toward the far side of the clearing that surrounded the village.
After crossing the clearing we had gone but a short distance into the jungle when we
came upon the form of a man lying upon the ground as though dead—that was our
impression at first glance. A second glance, however, showed that the repose suggested
calm sleep rather than death.

We stood staring as though transfixed for we saw that the figure lying on the ground was
Jast. Suddenly, as Jast walked toward it, the figure became animated and rose to a
standing position. As the figure and Jast stood face to face for an instant, there was no
mistaking the identity—it was Jast. All saw that it was he. The, instantly, the Jast we had
known had disappeared and there was but one figure standing before us. Of course, all
this was accomplished in much less time than it takes to tell and the wonder was that not
one of us questioned.


It was very evident that Jast's body had been lying where we found it for a considerable
time. The hair had grown long and bushy and in it were the nests of a little bird peculiar
to the country. These birds had built their nests, reared their young, and the young had
flown away, thus giving unmistakable evidence of the time the body had been in that
position and inactive. These birds are very timid and will abandon their nests at the
slightest disturbance. This shows the great love and trust of the little birds.

Psychic Squirrell says Jast's tale is Tolkiens inspiration for THIS guy:


(With Apologies to Jast. :afro: )
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