the rubix cube and the mind.

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the rubix cube and the mind.

Postby Daniel Collins » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:25 pm

A few weeks back I set upon solving the rubix cube, to start understanding how it works was ok but getting towards the end, when you are trying to move a piece without breaking down all that is already solved can be very difficult.

Even when using a guide I found it difficult to understand the moves and how they work.
I'm usually quite good in understanding how things work but this was difficult here.

In the end I solved the cube but only using a guide.
And when I tried to go at it again it broke.

This reminds me of my mind.

So I still haven't solved the puzzle, how close I am can be confusing because when I feel comfortable things can all of a sudden crep In And all the colours are far from each other.

How to decipher between what I really want and what is a false assumption or a false sense of reality.

Am I moving a piece in the wrong direction, believing im getting closer but only making things more mixed up.

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